Why A Travel Photographer Should Carry A Book

The travel photographer is a collector and keeper of experiences. A good travel photographer will show the feelings and sensations of a destination, evoking a sense of enviable wanderlust. Travel photography is not just about snapping photographs of smiling faces on the beach, however. It is about observation, looks into, and thoughtful composition. While turning into a professional travel photographer requires dedication to the craft, the reward of frequent travel to new, exciting, and beautiful goals is certainly worth the effort.

A travel photographer should always carry a notebook to write down experiences. For example, that minute you step off the plane into a remote, hot, desert airport and your glasses fog up and sand swirls around you. Write all of it down, because acknowledging these feelings and sensations through writing will support you better convey them visually. Why should you go through the effort to write notes? The most obvious reason is that it could earn you money when you’re backing home. How come? The thing is, it’s normally a lot easier to sell your photos if you’re able to package it together with a text. In any case, don’t think for a second that it’s just about writing a few paragraphs and believe that it will sell your photos. You should be good at writing too! It doesn’t have to be thousands and thousands of words though, but good writing. The act of note-taking will provide you a much greater travel experience! Bringing up your book and spending a few minutes now and then, jotting down what is happening around you, will create you more aware.

Travel photography is a lot like photojournalism, just instead of documenting an event or story; you’re reporting your own travel experiences. Your trip turns into the “story” you’re photographing. Photographs with stories behind them are far more meaningful (and interesting) than a 2D image of a stranger.

When traveling, particularly on long voyages in far off places, contacting the outside world, documenting experiences, and carrying away memories through a single electronic device is appealing. However, there are examples where the simplicity of pen and paper give the moment a whole new meaning. There’s nothing like a good digital camera to take hundreds, maybe thousands of photos on a trip. Unlike numerous digital devices that become obsolete after a number of years, your handwritten journal will never become outdated and you won’t have to transfer any files to new media. Your digital devices will at some point run out of juice and require recharging. Photographs give a visual guide, so to speak, of objects in places visited but superimposing is like grafting the real thing. When transferred to art or home décor the structure retains an uncanny sense of the original, a quality that makes it particularly unique. By far the best part of keeping your travelogue is showing it at home where it’s easily accessible. A travel diary is a great exhibit of your journey. The investment you made writing goes hand in hand with images and other memorabilia.