PR agency for Restaurant in Mumbai

Food and beverage industry is one of the fast-growing sectors. The constant increase in demand and expanding avenues in this sector attracts a large number of market players. Availability of innovative and affordable technology makes India a lucrative investment destination for many foreign companies. It is one of the major contributors in economic growth of India. With the booming economy and increasing disposable income, the Indian population is exploring newer food and beverage products.

At Utopian Media, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best restaurant brands, concepts and culinary start-ups across India. Our experience as a Restaurant PR Agency gave us the expertise to suggest our clients what works and what doesn’t in the industry. From sushi and burgers to specialty drinks and decadent desserts, our Restaurant PR team has experience in every area of this growing industry.

We know that food is the only thing that generates headlines for the food and beverage industry. Chefs, mergers, new locations, grand openings, menu, and staff additions and special events are also the key elements which attract media and helps to create headlines. We at Utopian take complete care of our client and provide them the detailed and quality services as your staff provides to your guest’s service after service. Our end to end service and quality level keeps us above our peers and makes us one of the best Restaurant PR Agency not only in Mumbai but also in India

So if you’re planning to open a new hot spot for food fanatics, call us. If you’re looking to re-introduce the neighborhood to your signature dishes, call us. If you’ve a concept that will impress the food editor, call us.

Some of the key elements which can help to achieve Media Attention for your business.


Be an expert.

Once established as an expert, the media will be around you and will take inputs from you on various topics. The status of an expert can be achieved by writing a good cookbook or a book about your experiences. Sometimes it also count for your staff, so if your chef is really outstanding or uses special techniques than his expertise can also be helpful for your restaurant.

Share Updates.

Share the updates of the restaurant with the audience on a regular basis, whether it’s an expansion, an important new employee, or a new/special menu. Keeping the audience updates will help to seek the attention of the audience

Be Unique.

New menu, dish, ambience or a new cooking technique which is different from others in the industry attracts the attention of the audience and media

Inspirational Stories

Everybody likes inspirational stories. Talk about the stories where you have helped someone overcome their problems, have a program for hard-to-employ staffers, meals, have an all-woman team or woman chef, or are helping tackle a community problem. Such unique stories will attract media attention and help you in getting better PR in the industry.


PR agency for Restaurant in Mumbai