Food Photography in Mumbai

Food Photography is still photography stream in which the photographer captures attractive images of foodstuff ranging from regular dishes to exquisite cuisines. Food Photography is usually done in the indoor setting using various lightings like controlled lighting, natural lighting or a combination of both natural and artificial lights. Various other factors like background, support elements, and an overall ambiance are arranged carefully in order to make the food look attractive. There are many things which helps to make the food look tempting like colours, texture and food styling. It is a specialization of the professional commercial photographer to consider all the above point while shooting for the products which are used in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks.

The obsession for Food Photography is a recent trend. Few years back, food photography was a very niche sector of photography but the moment it took social media by storm and after that it has become a favourite topic for a huge number of accounts. After Selfie, Food Photography is the 2nd most popular subject in the field of Photography. It is a very specific type of photography and it needs passion and a deep understanding of the products and services to deliver a perfect picture like ice cream melts caramel sticks, and fresh herbs wither.

It has been rightly said that: “You eat with your eyes first”?. A beautifully captured food image can bring water in the mouth of the viewers and also rumble their stomach. Food is a common thread for majority of us. We all have memories for food or for a specific dish that we remember. We eat to stay alive, but we also eat at times of celebration and sorrows, so it is an integral part of our lives. The person must have an in-depth knowledge of lighting, colour palettes and current trends in order to be a great Food Photographer

Food Photography is used as a media of advertisement by the people from the food and beverage industry to promote their restaurants, hotels, inns, cafés or bars. The visual advertisement has a very high impact on the audience when it comes to food and beverage promotion; hence, a good Food Photographer in Mumbai are in high demand these days. Food photography is not an easy job, it takes a lot of thought process, planning and creative execution to capture a perfect food shot. A photo conveys the taste of your dish.

Food photography is an art, and our Food Photographer is the best in the industry with years of experience. A food photograph should be unique and creative in order grab the attention of those social media users scrolling through their feed. We at Utopian Media sits with the client and plan the food photoshoot. Our team scratches their brain and come out with the most creative ways to capture the mouthwatering photographs. End of the day, catching people’s attention—and hopefully their taste buds—is what’s most important.


Food Photography in Mumbai