Food Photography Agency in Mumbai

Have you ever wondered from where the restaurants and magazines get incredible pictures of delicious food? They appear to be so real and delicious. The credit goes to food photographers for their stunning work. Food photography is rather tricky as it requests perfect lighting. The photographer also needs to be speedy as food items are perishable and don’t tend to last long.

Styling the model or the subject is one of the best significant aspects of photography. The beauty remains defined in the landscape, portrait, and other types of photography. It is not possible to modify the subject totally.

In any case, food photography allows the opportunity to create the same beauty from scratch. Styling is given more value in food photography since the photographers have an added freedom to make the dishes appear significantly more engaging.


Usage of Colors

Using colors in food photographs make a setting complementing your subject and food. Colors also affect the way people feel about a given picture of food. Feelings here can be comfortable and soft, powerful and bold, and also somewhere in between.

So what are the worst and the best shades of photographing food?

The most ideal way to think about this is by breaking food into colors.  Do not think what the food is. Simply think about the most dominant tint in it. We have to take a look at the color wheel to opt for the right shades. In the photographs, food poses as the most significant thing. So your eyes need to look at them first rather than the background or the props. You have  to find the right colors to help foods stand out and appear beautiful.

Green Foods: Salads and Veggies

White plates look incredible. It frames the food and enables it to stand out. Green foods look great on several colors, both analogous as well as complimentary.

Brown Foods: Steaks and Meats

Most of food bloggers have a tough time styling meats. You have to spend time to make your steak look perfect. other significant consideration here is colors to be used in the shot. Meats are brown; browns have reds and yellows in them. You have to ensure that the shot doesn’t appear muddy. Rather, the colors used should enhance the meat. You can utilize pinks and purples with meat. This will soften the shot, allowing meat to look delectable. Earth tone colors also look great with meat.

Yellow Foods: Poultry, Veggies, and Yellow Fruits

Poultry can be anything from a light yellow color to a brown color whenever roasted. Utilize the earth tones with orange and yellow. You can explore with different fabrics. You will be pleasantly surprised at how nice a shot may show up with some colors. Pink is extremely helpful in bringing out the golden hue of the chicken.

Neutral Colored Foods: Grains, Pastas, and Potatoes

The key to shooting foods that do not have much color is proper garnishing. For foods like this, garnish it with something that looks beautiful. You can decorate pasta with parsley. If its cereals or granola, you can garnish it with bright fruits. The darker bowls and plates are one of the best ways to present dishes that are not very colorful.


Food Photography Agency in Mumbai