5 ways to leverage Pinterest for your restaurants business

individual, most businesses recognize the value of using social media to boost their business and brand reputation. Restaurants are no exception, when it comes to social media marketing; the first Social Media platform that comes to mind is obviously Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. However, if you can think out of the box and use creativity, your business can be benefitted from one of the most underrated social media platforms which are available for marketing – Pinterest. As it is a visually appealing site (which happens to be its USP), Pinterest is one of the greatest tools to search and organize ideas and products for almost any personal or business-related activity, it also has a high engagement rate. Pinterest is all about graphic images, which is one of the best ways to promote a restaurant. People are naturally fascinated by graphic images. The more attractive an image is, the more attention it will generate, on which Pinterest relies. The business that really has a great deal of success using Pinterest as a marketing tool is the restaurant industry. Restaurants post tempting images of their menu items, which attracts the attention of their targeted audience. It is the most fantastic and highly effective marketing approach which is used by large number of Social Media Agencies for Restaurants.


Here are five ways to make the most out of your business page on Pinterest

Create different pinboards:

Board is the place where all the content you pin and repin will live. The more boards you have, the more places you will have to put the great pins you create and find. Make a board for your entrees, your appetizers, your desserts and your drinks, for example or, you could make a board for each of the different types of entrees you offer; pastas, seafood, and poultry for instance.It makes it easier for your targeted customers to browse through your menu items.


Pinterest helps to read your Audience’s Mind:

Who doesn’t want to discover exactly what their target audience wants? When you use Pinterest for business, you get the keys to audience interests. You not only get to know what is currently trending, but also get into the shoes of your targeted audience to understand their likes/dislikes. Knowing what is trending today is a critical data that you can use to customize your products and services,which can help you to create demand like never before.


Posting pictures of your best dishes:

Visual content is the key in promoting restaurants on social media platform. Before delivering the dish on the table, decorate it and take a snap. Then, upload the image on Pinterest and pin it to one of your relevant boards. The picture doesn’t need to be of professional quality, but it should at least look good enough to tempt other people.


Keep your Pinterest up-to-date:

We all know maintaining a social media page is tough, especially when business is booming, but this will pay off in the end. Spending just 5-10 minutes a day on your Pinterest page will definitely deliver you the results.


Share your Posts:

It’s not enough to post images just on Pinterest; in order to take the full advantage of the power of this social media site, you need to share your Pinterest posts on other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook include links to your posts on your blog and on your restaurant’s website. The more you advertise your posts, the more powerful result it will deliver.

Pinterest is an excellent platform to leverage whether you are looking for an innovative way to increase profits for your restaurant or you simply want to keep your restaurant up-to-date on social media trends.But not leveraging the ‘Pinterest marketing’ in today’s world is a mistake that your business cannot afford.Businesses are increasingly joining Pinterest platform to gain exposure and direct traffic back to their website. If you ignore Pinterest while using other social media marketing methods, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.